Peacock Family FarmsA family farm with locations in Dinuba and Nipomo, CA.
Farm fresh produce is available at several farmers markets.

If you are looking for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, visit the Peacock Family Farm's booth at one of these Farmer's Markets!


Tomatoes - Available year-round


We provide both greenhouse and field varieties full of that rich tomato flavor you remember as a kid.


Dried Fruits and Nuts - Available year-round

Dried fruits and nuts

A variety of dried fruit and nuts available year round.

Peppers - Available mid-summer to late fall

We have a literal rainbow of fresh crisp peppers ranging from sweet bells and round sweet red Hungarian, spicy Hungarian to the very hot- jalapenos,
habanero and Thai -available mid summer through late fall.

European cucumbers

Fresh, crisp, seedless cucumber with an edible skin that is never bitter and does not promote burping.  A must in every summer salad.

Farm fresh eggs


Farm fresh eggs -
Available year-round



Basil - Available year-round

Large leaf sweet Italian basil. The perfect accent to any dish.

Peaches - Available during the summer

  • Beginning June with our Donut and white Sugar Lady. Sweet and juicy!
  • Late in June and throughout July we feature our Flamecrest Peach.  It has yellow meat streaked with red. Great for eating out of hand, baked in cobblers or canned.
  • Our last peach, TraZee, is a giant yellow fruit bursting with flavor and sweetness.

Grapes - Available July through November

  • Flame- A sweet and juicy seedless red grape.
  • Thompson- A sweet and scrumptious seedless green grape.

Squash - Available during the summer

Summer squash

We feature eight varieties of summer squash varying in color from light yellow to dark green; a virtual kaleidoscope of color and sweet summer flavors.

Persimmons - Available in the fall

  • Giant Fuyu- A large dome shaped bright orange fruit. Eat it hard like an apple or soft.  Sweet and Tasty!
  • Fuyu Persimmon- A biscuit shaped fruit, orange and crunchy. Eat it like an apple.
  • Hachiya- A very bright orange fruit pointed on top. Eat it very soft like pudding. Sweet and sensuous.

Eggplant - Available mid-summer to late fall

Eggplant is a specialty at Peacock Family Farms.  We offer 9 different varieties, available mid summer through late fall.

  • Black Beauty- A classic large Italian style dark purple fruit.
  • Clara-Large, globe shaped white fruit- Italian style. New to us this year.
  • Orient Express- A glossy long, thin , black Japanese type eggplant. The most tender of all our varieties. Delicately flavored and quick cooking.
  • Orient Charm- Featuring shades of color from white to pastel pink, into lavender this Chinese style eggplant is great on the grill or in a stir fry
  • Tango-A white cylindrical Indian style fruit, good for grilling - sometimes pickled.
  • Rosa Bianca & Beatrice- Italian market varieties, soft lavender to bright purple in color these eggplants are mild and creamy, perfect for eggplant Parmesan or on the grill.
  • Fairytale - A small purple and white fruit, full flavored with few seeds.
  • Calliope- Another new variety for us this year. It is a small, oval, purple and white stripped Indian style eggplant.

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